Why Is Caitlin Getting Rhetorical?

Caitlin Gets Rhetorical is a consideration of rhetoric and composition studies, as explored by Caitlin Postal in Dr. Steven Wexler’s graduate seminar on Rhetorical and Composition Theory at California State University Northridge in spring 2016.

Critiquing the Discourse of the Academy” is exactly what it says in the title, an institutional critique of academic and literary language as exclusionary. It was written and prepared as a midterm project and explores the dominant discursive language of the academy.

Parenthetical Personalities: Impressions and Expressions of Cosplay Performativity and Online Personas” was prepared as a final project surrounding the fan practice of cosplay, including a rhetorical analysis of cosplayers’ use of online social media through Cicero’s three offices of rhetoric. It includes interviews conducted with cosplayers. “Paranthetical Personalities” will be presented as part of the Anime and Manga Studies Symposium at Anime Expo 2016.

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Caitlin is pursuing her M.A. in English Literature at CSUN with a focus on medieval literature. She is especially interested in questions of identity and corporeality, both for the characters in literature as well as the physical texts of the medieval period.

Caitlin is currently working on the Archive of Early Middle English, contributing XML mark-up for the Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud Misc. 108 manuscript. She works as lab staff for the Humanities Research Lab and as a Supplemental Instructor for introductory English composition courses.

Caitlin received her B.A. in English Literature from Westmont College, where she acted as the Provost’s Student Fellow and facilitated many events as a board member for the Westmont Literary Society.

Outside the classroom, she can be found petting the closest cat. Failing that, it’s likely that she is sewing costumes or donning medieval armor.

All site content has been written and compiled by Caitlin. Please feel free to leave a comment or reach out through twitter at @goingpostale.

Recommended reading:

  • 84 Charing Cross Road, Helene Hanff
  • Ex Libris, Anne Fadiman
  • The Rights of the Reader, Daniel Pennac
  • The Great Divorce, C.S. Lewis
  • The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer
  • Jacob’s Room, Virginia Woolf